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Search for only curly quotes, or only straight quotes

November 4, 2006

In English writing literature, to wrap a speech, we use quotation (‘ or “): curly quotes (look like a 6 or 9 – Unidoce(Alt-8216,8217, Alt-8220.8221)) are used in body text, straight quotes (‘ or ” – Unicode(Alt-39, Alt-34)) are used in lines of code.

   * Search for straight quotes (‘): In Find dialog, click More and check Use wildcards. Enter a regular double-quote to search for straight quotes.

  * Search for curly quotes ( ): Uncheck Use wildcards. Enter this into the Find what box: [“”] (that is, open square bracket, left curly quote (Alt-0147), right curly quote (Alt-0148), and right square bracket)