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How to have multiple “instances” of PowerPoint

November 5, 2006

Sometime, you want to view two ppt files at the same time for easily comparing the contents. Because PowerPoint is a single instance program, we have no chance of creating multiple windows of PPT.

Here is the trick to cross over it:

   * Use another account or create a new one (i.e.  you should have at least 2 active account), e.g. user myaccount

   * From a higher level account, run the PPT using the other account: 

runas /user:myaccount “c:\program files\microsoft office\office11\POWERPNT.EXE”
  NOTE: You can create a batch file for this


Remove an entry from the ContextMenu (when right-click)

November 4, 2006

Run regEdt32

    * In the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT folder, you will see a list of every file type that is set up on your PC.

    * Expand the * folder

    * Expand the Shellex and ContextMenu Handlers folders (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers)

    * Look through the list until finding the entry you want to remove.

Prevent Windows to reboot

November 4, 2006

After Windows Updates, the restart message or auto-restart process always occur unwantedly. To remove this, run Regedt32

   * HEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies … Microsoft\Windows

   * Right-click on Windows and create a new Key. Type WindowsUpdate.

    * Right click on that new folder, and create another new Key, named AU (which stands for Auto Update)

     * Go to right-hand panel, create new DWORD value. Enter the string: NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers

     * Double click to that entry and change the Value data to 1 with a Base button of Hexadecimal selected.

Disable MSN Messenger to start-up at boot time

November 4, 2006

Run this command in Run dialog (Windows-R):

     RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove

Outlook or Outlook Express may try to launch MSN Messenger, to disable this option:

   * Outlook: menu Tools, Options, then Other  –> clear a check box that reads Enable Instant Messaging in Microsoft Outlook. Problem fixed!

   * Outlook Express: menu Click on Tools | Options | General  –> clear the check box next to Automatically log onto Windows Messenger to keep it from starting up.